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Get to Know Us: Winny Mulyasasmita

Get to know the former president of 180 Degrees Consulting UCLA and our current advisor!

Winny is a senior studying Business Economics with a minor in Digital Humanities from Jakarta, Indonesia. She has been a part of 180DC since her freshman year and has led 180DC as president last year. Winny interned at Bain & Company last summer and will be returning full time after graduation.

Q: Why did you join 180DC and how did you hear about it?

I’ve always been interested in two things, business and social good. But back when I was a freshman, I thought of them as two different worlds. So when I learned about 180DC, I got super excited to see my two areas of interest come together. I found a place where I can develop my business acumen while doing social good, and I immediately knew that this is the consulting club that I truly want to be in.

Q: What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned through your time at 180DC?

Through 180DC, I learned important entrepreneurial skills not only through interacting with our clients, but also through growing the club. Picking up these skills came naturally because 180DC provides an environment where everyone’s opinion is important. We continuously work together to reinvent ourselves, both as a club and as individuals. That entrepreneurial spirit permeates through my work in and outside of 180DC, during and beyond college.

Q: What did you do last summer, and do you have any plans for the next summer?

Last summer, I had the opportunity to intern at Bain & Company in the Jakarta office. It was such a blast! I was surrounded with super smart people who care about each other, which is an environment that I’d say is hard to match. I’ll be going back after graduation. I’m super excited to be back home and experience the vibrant Southeast Asian markets.

Q: When you came to UCLA, what did you want to do with your college career, and has it changed ever since?

Coming to UCLA, I was curious about the consulting profession, but I also wanted to keep my options open. I considered risk assurance back in Sophomore year (that’s when I took Prof. Ravetch’s classes). At the end though, I decided that consulting was the more suitable path for me and my future goals.

Q: What advice would you give to your freshman year self?

Surround yourself with great people, people with high ambitions and kind hearts. A great support network will make it a thousand times easier to achieve your goals, especially when you’re pursuing a career in a competitive field. Second is to remember to work hard and play harder. Every vacation is so much sweeter when you’ve achieved say your goal for the quarter or for the week. Remember to have fun. College doesn’t last forever!

Q: What’s your favorite memory with 180DC?

For me, it’s got to be our most recent potluck, hands down. We had one of our members, Victoria, who could only make it at 9 pm. Although we’ve already been there since around 7.30 or 8, everyone agreed to wait for Victoria to enjoy the food together. That’s just the sweetest thing to do, especially when we were all so hungry. This kind of camaraderie is so hard to come by.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

I absolutely love escape rooms! On top of that, I enjoy anything active. From yoga, dance and spin classes to hiking and snowboarding. I recently picked up surfing too, although I probably flipped way more than I surfed.

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