From projects to our people, our partners are behind us every step of the way. They enable some of our greatest feats, so we make them our top priority.


We partner with top consulting firms and organizations to provide them access to the talented pool of students in the 180DC network and at UCLA. If you are one of them, contact us and let's talk.


Info sessions


You tell the campus about your firm and what kind of work you do. We handle the rest.

Workshops and events


Interact with students and find the best and brightest of UCLA through customized workshops.

Office tours


Bring the students into your office space to shed a glimpse about your day-to-day work life.

Other on-campus programs


Whether it is case competitions, mentorship programs, or more, we are happy to help.


180DC x Deloitte Tech Consulting

180DC has partnered with Deloitte Tech Consulting in multiple events at UCLA. For two consecutive years, we've co-hosted Tech Trends, where Deloitte practitioners come on campus to talk about the trends in the intersection of technology and business as part of their recruitment process in the Fall. We've also co-hosted a skill-building workshop in Winter 2019, where Deloitte practitioners run a simulation with students on the day-to-day life of a consultant. 

180DC x EY Parthenon
Information Session

180DC partnered with EY Parthenon to host an information session at UCLA in the Spring of 2019. 2 associates from EY Parthenon spoke to a room of students about their office culture, life as a consultant, and their recruiting timeline. 

180DC x Boston Consulting Group
Office Tours

180DC's first initiative with BCG is a two-part event called Diversity in Consulting, where we conducted an intimate info session for students who identify as a minority in business followed by an immersive tour to the BCG office in Downtown LA. Students were asked to submit questions which were answered by the consultants in the BCG office and were conveyed by the recruiter in the info session.

180DC x Accenture
Workshop & Panel

180DC has partnered with Accenture for a virtual panel and data visualization workshop at UCLA. In 2021, we've co-hosted the Accenture Panel and Data Visualization Workshop with Microsoft BI, where Accenture Senior Analysts talked about their experiences working full-time as well as what they did in college. Our panelists led a data visualization workshop after the Q&A and networking session, where skilled Accenture analysts taught important data visualization skills useful for daily work in the life of a consultant.