University of California, Los Angeles


180 Degrees Consulting is a global organization with 150+ branches worldwide. We are a management consulting organization specialized in providing business solutions to nonprofits and social enterprises.


180 Degrees Consulting at UCLA started in 2014, and since then we have partnered with some of the most influential organizations in the field and worked with a variety of clients. Dedicated to cultivating a strong and creative business mindset for our members, we have alumni footprint in top companies in consulting, tech, investment banking, venture capital, and more. 

We have been recognized as the Best Overall Branch 2020 in the Americas and are the regional winner of the

Best Consulting Project for the 180DC Global Awards.

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180DC at UCLA has grown tremendously over the last few years to become one of the leading consulting clubs on campus. Our members have gone on to join top consulting firms, start their own enterprises, and pursue higher education at top graduate schools. We have worked on more than 30 great projects with socially-driven organizations, helping them address the unique challenges they face. We have hosted meaningful events for our members and the greater UCLA student population with some of the most prominent names in the industry including BCG, Deloitte, and EY-Parthenon. 


This is all made possible by the diverse and talented pool of UCLA students who join us every recruitment cycle, the trust our clients place in us, and the constant support from our partners and sponsors.


To UCLA students: 180DC creates social impact through consulting projects with local and international organizations. Our commitment to the professional development of our members stems from our drive to best serve our clients and equip our members with the skills to be successful post-graduation. If you are passionate about social impact and are interested in joining our community, we encourage you to apply during the Fall & Winter.


To prospective clients: 180DC passionately serves socially-driven organizations through our consulting services. We have multiple initiatives in place to ensure the work we deliver is of the greatest quality, evidenced by the positive testimonials from our past clients. If your organization is struggling with any challenges, please reach out to us. We would love to be of service.


To partners and sponsors: 180DC consists of the brightest and kindest students at UCLA. Our members hold themselves to high standards and are passionate about giving back to the community. If you are keen to support us in the work we do or hope to explore partnerships in any area, please reach out to us.


I look forward to working with all of you this year.




Darrel Chua
(President '20 - '21)