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Get to Know Us: Janet Chang

Meet the members of our amazing community of consultants!

Janet is a third year Psychobiology major with a minor in Film TV/Digital Media, and has been a part of our organization since Fall 2018. She is currently a part of her second project with 180DC as a consultant. Read her story to get to know her better.

Q: Why did you join 180DC and where did you hear about it?

After I learned about consulting, I wanted to get exposure to better understand what it is, but I also wanted to combine that with my love for service and advocacy. 180DC offered the chance to combine the two!

Q: Why are you interested in consulting?

What drew me to consulting was the wide range of industries and projects that it works with. For someone like me, who can’t seem to settle on one thing, consulting allows me to build my soft and hard skills while staying in tune with my different passion and interests.

Q: What did you want to do when you first came to UCLA, and how has that changed over the years?

Honestly, my career aspirations changed so many times that I’ve lost count. When I first came in to UCLA, I was pretty set on being a doctor. Then I joined a program sophomore year, and I became obsessed with sports medicine/physical therapy. But then I started considering clinical research…and marketing… and nonprofit work… and teaching (you get the point).

I love trying new things, but for the longest time I was in a perpetual state of quarter life crisis because it seemed like everyone knew exactly what they were doing, and I was being indecisive. I still have those moments sometimes, but I’m learning to be okay with exploring my options — right now it’s consulting!

Q: What’s your favorite class at UCLA so far?

Can I give two? I really love History of Mass Incarceration (Hist 12A) with Dr. Lytle Hernandez, which was one of the most eye-opening classes I’ve ever taken — it explores the systematic problems and ongoing biases that exist in our carceral state. Disabilities Studies 101W was also an awesome class that helped me better understand the root causes of what we term “disabilities.” It changed how I engage in non-profit work and the language I use in everyday life. Definitely recommend!

Q: What did you do last summer, and what are you planning to do for the upcoming summer?

Last summer I travelled to Japan, and taught English to children in underserved areas of Taiwan. This upcoming summer I am working at Deloitte as a Human Capital summer scholar!

Q: Recommend a favorite activity to do in LA!

Technically in LA — I love going to plays/musicals/concerts we have right here on campus! We tend to walk pass their flyers on Bruinwalk, but they’re free for students and UCLA students are so freaking talented.

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