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Get to Know Us: Annie Cui

Learn more about our eco-conscious, fashion-forward consultant!

Second-year Annie Cui is an Economics major and Environmental Systems & Society minor from Davis, California. Outside of 180DC, Annie is very active on campus, serving as the Vice President of Social Affairs for Sigma Eta Pi Entrepreneurship Fraternity, Festival Coordinator for Far Out Fest, Product Team member of Refine LA, Graphic Designer for ASUCLA and member of the ultimate frisbee club team. Last year, Annie was a Digital Marketing and Content Creation Intern at Yumi, and she is currently a Data Analysis Intern at PRISM.

Why did you join 180DC, and how did you hear about it?

I had never heard of consulting before college, but after learning about it through some friends, I knew it would be something I’d like because of the exposure to so many industries and skills. I wanted to join 180DC specifically because of how established it is internationally and because of its social/non-profit focus. Even just one year in, I am impressed by how amazing and socially-orientated our clients are. Overall, I thought 180DC was a fit for me professionally and with my values.

What is the most valuable thing you've learned through your time at 180DC?

I'm extremely interested in the overlap between sustainability and consumer products, and how companies are adapting to the growing eco-conscious mindsets of consumers. Last quarter, I worked on a project for a sustainable apparel company and I learned so much about the fashion industry and sustainability. I'm really thankful to have been on that project because it proved to me that I would love to work in that sector in the future. It was also great that the co-founders we worked with were so amazing and gave helpful feedback for all our work. I couldn't have had a better first impression of consulting, as it has taught me so much and given me a better understanding of both the profession and myself.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about clothes and fresh fits. Not really high fashion, but more so casual everyday wear. I love looking through Pinterest for outfit inspiration and watching lookbooks and hauls on Youtube. I buy the majority of my clothes second-hand and it makes everything about the clothing experience so much more fun. It’s better for the environment and you can find so many more special pieces that are pretty, funky, or just weird. Some of my favorite finds have been my Pizza Hut bucket hat, dark green corduroy pants, and denim overalls. I’m thinking about starting an overalls collection because overalls are also a passion of mine.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Living abroad in a nice cozy apartment, still trying to pick up new hobbies. I need to live abroad for some time to help widen my perspective on everything -- myself, life, the world! But that also means I need to travel more before those 10 years so I can get an idea of where to live, because right now I definitely do not have enough experience to make that decision. I also mention hobbies because I hope that even after college, I will never stop discovering new interests. Perhaps when I’m 30, I will have my own SoundCloud, or maybe a well-groomed garden.

What is one fun fact about yourself?

I almost grew up in China, but I got the chickenpox when I was three from one of the other village kids, so my parents got shook and sent me back to the States. I always wonder what my life would be like if I never got the chicken pox. I think I love brunch and kombucha too much to grow up anywhere besides California though.

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