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Get to Know Us: Andy Cai

Meet the members of our amazing community of consultants!

Andy is a first-year Electrical Engineering major who just joined 180DC during our most recent Spring recruitment cycle. Born and raised in China, he moved to the Bay Area for high school when he was 14. Now a Bruin, Andy is very active on campus as a junior consultant for 180DC, brother of Sigma Eta Pi, front-end developer for DevX, and member of Creative Labs. Read his spotlight to learn more about him!

Q: Why did you join 180DC and where did you hear about it?

Coming from a tech background with a strong interest in Entrepreneurship, I’ve always wanted to gain some business experience. 180DC is a good fit for me because I’ve had experience with social impact and non-profit projects, and following my passion is very important to me. I first heard of 180DC when one of my close friends from high school got into the Berkeley branch of 180DC. After I joined SEP, my brother Arhant introduced the LA branch to me and it turns out to be awesome!

Q: What do you see yourself doing in the future?

I’d see myself working as a Product Manager at a big tech company or a tech consultant at one of the bigger firms. If things go better than that, then I’d want to be a manager at a startup with potential. Even better than that? Probably a chef at my own restaurant! (fun fact: I’m a master at cooking steaks. Filet Mignon, New York Strip, Rib Eye, Skirt Steak, throw it at me)

Q: What’s your favorite class at UCLA so far?

My favorite class so far has been Introduction to Computer Science II. This sounds really nerdy, but I really enjoyed learning algorithms and data structures and making my own game, not to mention that Professor Nachenberg was also really wise and passionate. Although time-consuming, it is definitely one of the top classes that UCLA offers.

Q: What did you do last summer, and what are you planning to do for the upcoming summer?

Last summer, I traveled to China to visit my family and middle school friends. I also traveled to L.A. with my friends and tried parasailing. This coming summer, I’m planning to intern at a startup in the Bay Area.

Q: What are your recommendations for activities to do in LA?

Wander around Universal City, walk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and just enjoy the city! You’re not going to experience the L.A. depicted on the big screens without exploring Hollywood!

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